Monday, January 17, 2011

Look at me - I'm blogging!!

Only, not here any more. For various reasons, I've moved my blog. So


and enjoy!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Up and coming photographers...

Taye and Darius got behind the camera the other day to capture some Kodak moments.

This is what Luis looks like when no one else is around. He just stands there, like this. All the time. It's kind of weird...

Then again, I have some funky eye issues, so I guess I shouldn't talk...

Not THAT Jim!

Yesterday Taye and I were discussing his footwear options for school:

Me: You only need to wear sneakers if its a gym day, do you know if it's a gym day?

Taye: No, I don't know if it's a gym day.

Mya: Is it a Nana day?

It reminds me of the gym bag/Jim bag confusion...

This girl...

knows how to relax. And clearly hates her puppies.

Friday, November 5, 2010


This year we had a ladybug, Iron Man, and Mario (surprised?) We went to our close neighbors and then hopped back to our old 'hood. Its always fun to see everyone out, the kids had a great night!


We were terrible procrastinators this year (we may have also been slightly busy this October) and didn't even buy pumpkins until the day before Halloween. Luckily the kids were excited either way.

We brought them home and got to work. The kids each drew the face they wanted onto their pumpkins, and Luis got to work with the messy stuff. I took pictures, I'm kind of a pumpkin party pooper.

I do love the way they turned out.

Darius - Mya - Taye

Catch Up

I totally slacked on taking pictures while Fran(k), Penny, and Emma were here. And in keeping with the theme, I've totally slacked on blogging as well. Well, here I am now to right some of the wrong.

On my birthday, the Utans (Utonians? Uts? Utahnaiaivejahsns?) spent the day at our house. We went into the woods to play. The kids hopped all around the stream, found an old bee's nest, climbed on the fallen tree, they had fun.

(As a side note - Mya adores Uncle Bunny.)

Just when we thought we had done all there was to do in the woods, Uncle Bunny got the idea to build a bridge across the stream. He and the kids collected a variety of materials and got to work.

It was a pretty nice looking brigde, with several layers of material. Emma and Darius did try it out, but couldn't quite make it across. Perhaps rotting wood wasn't the strongest material choice, but there's always next time!